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September 13, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Create and play characters that can be played at any store, convention or location that runs Adventurers league. Current Storyline is Curse of Strahd. For more information about the rules check out

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  1. James Baker

    I have played my share of RPG video games but have never dove into tabletop D&D. Is this accessible to someone new to the scene?

    • shanescards

      Absolutely! Adventurer’s league is the building block for new players, that’s what it’s there for! We won’t be having D&D 7/27, 8/3 or 8/17 but the other Wednesdays we will be hosting D&D. Come down and give it a try, either speak to Ben or Stephen to help get you started! you can also google D&D adventurers league for a players handbook PDF and the adventurers league rules.

  2. Daniel McGlothlen

    I will be there this week! My fifth session of AL D&D and my first at Shane’s! Thank you for hosting.

      • John Crockett

        Awesome! We are new to AL and coming from Enumclaw (probs next month). Is there a way to make a reservation for a place at a table for my son and I? (I’d hate to get all the way there and not any room for us…)

        • shanescards

          Right now we are filling up on tables but I have DM’s in reserve to make new tables if we get full so you’re always welcome to join us!


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